It is with great humility I write this message as President of the MBHS OBA UK, in its 28th year of existence.

It must seem like yesterday to the small group of male ex-Pupils who, in 1989, got together to set up an alumni association to support their alma mater in whatever way they could. Like the Founders of the School, they pioneered an Institution for posterity.

Since then, the numbers have grown and our support for the upkeep of our school has been unstinting. Working in collaboration with our MBHS Brothers and Sisters in the US and Sierra Leone, through the Global Network Initiative [GNI], we have taken great strides in improving the general outlook of the School, to make it a bit more appealing to the Pupils, staff and visitors to the School. The rebuilding of the perimeter wall has been completed, together with a new metal gate, with the lettering ‘MBHS’ in 3D.