Websites need good web design and can turn a flagging website into a company’s biggest marketing asset. Bad web design turns visitors away and reduces your company profile. We design websites which aim to inspire, reflect your image and improve your online business. Hiltech have skills in website designinDudioe Champ Stg which can be used to redesign an existing site or to bring an idea to life on the Internet.

Some of the things we consider during website design include:

  •     Adhering to web design standards
  •     Designing to usability guidelines
  •     Minimising download times
  •     Designing for visitors AND search engines

Web Development Process

The web development process is unique to each project. However, as a broad indication of what you can expect, the following is fairly typical.

Initial Consultation & Specification

The first stage would involve us getting to know more about your business and your goals for the website. Together, we would identify the target audience, competitors, the purpose and objectives of the site and how together we would devise a work plan and strategy to meet your requirements.

Ideally, this takes place at the client’s premises as all existing company materials are to hand and it helps us get a better understanding of the business. Some projects can be undertaken without actually meeting the client in person – telephone and e-mail being the sole channels of communication.

At this stage, we can provide a fixed quote, specification and development plan for the project.



After defining the specification, work on the web site is scheduled upon receipt of the signed proposal, a deposit, and any written content materials and graphics you wish to include. Layouts and navigation will be designed as a prototype.


Hiltech provides a temporary web address from where the client can view layouts and monitor the development from the comfort of their own premises.

There can be a lot of suggestions and changes from the customer side, and all the changes should be frozen before moving into the next phase. The revisions could be redisplayed via the web for the customer to view.

As needed, customer comments, feedback and approvals can be communicated by e-mail and telephone.



This phase is essential – the phrase “Content is King” is not made lightly. We can work together with the client on the content ensuring the website gets the underlying message across. The grammatical and spelling check should be over in this phase.


Coding and Implementation

Once the layout of the website is approved, it’s time to turn the layouts into functional web pages. This stage involves writing the code for the actual web pages, developing databases (if applicable) and ensuring the site meets web standards.




The site code is tested for compliance with web standards. Functionality is tested using automated tools and manual techniques – i.e. For an E-Commerce site we will make mock purchases and trial the entire system. We also invite the client to perform their own tests on the website.



Once the site is approved, we optimise and submit the site for inclusion in the major search engines and web directories. The site is now “live” on the internet for everyone to view. This is a very exciting stage for everyone involved. Any other agreed on-line marketing activities are now undertaken.